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Easy Math is a program that will teach your child how to mentally solve mathematical problems in a simple and fast way.

The fundamentals of the Easy Math program are based on Trachtenberg's method of mental calculation and the basics of Vedic mathematics.

The Trachtenberg Method is simple and brilliant. By practising this technique, student develop exceptional speed and precision in calculations.

And what is more important, they learn how to think in mathematical terms. They increase creativity in problem-solving, enhance visualization, sharpen focus and concentration, and build self-confidence.

Even children who are afraid of mathematics or rated as "weaker" mathematicians by applying these techniques in arithmetic become much more confident and far more interested in mathematics.

From the beginning, children are motivated to perform all operations mentally, without the use of pencil and paper. This contributes to the development of their cognitive abilities.

What we offer :

The program is intended for
children from 10 years old.

Whether your children need help with math or advanced practice, Easy Math can help.

The program has 3 levels and each lasts
one school semester, 5 months

Classes are organized online through the Zoom application or as regular classes in our school in Digital park. Classes are twice a week for 90 minutes.

Group are small from 5-10
children per group.

We want our teachers to know every child individually and to be able to adapt our learning model to help them grow at their own pace.

The methodology of course is based on a strong mathematical foundation. It starts from basic calculations and number sense and goes up to more complex calculations. Students are motivated to think and talk about the different perspectives.

At beginner levels, we cover complements, simplified methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, as well as prime factors, exponents and simple square and cubic roots.

The Advance levels cover complex multiplications, squares, cubes, equations, fractions, conversions, binary code, time calculations, proportions…


Calculations with Easy Math take less time, often only seconds.

From the beginning, children are motivated to perform all operations mentally, without using pen and paper.

Some of the methods has been used for thousands of years.



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